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Today coffee break call was very interesting. The man’s who wife has been having pain and headaches for many years with no help. She started drinking Our Coffee and she has no pain.

The man who had a stroke and was shaking hands with that hand after drinking the coffee.

The ladies son hurt his back off work for two weeks drank the black coffee and got up and went back to work with no pain.

The man that had so many allergies food, grass everything started drinking the coffee and now no allergy.

It is a lot of incredible testimonials on the Live Coffee Break Call at 11:30am eastern time



By: Abraham Stone

Ganoderma extract is a substance which is obtained from ganoderma mushrooms. Ganoderma is also known as reishi or “Spirit Medicine”. The Chinese have been using this therapeutic healing agent for more than four thousand years. It can be considered to be a recovery remedies for a lot of ailments and diseases worldwide. The usage of Ganoderma Extract has gained in recognition nowadays due to its high therapeutic value.

Ganoderma Extract is used in treatment of illnesses like: Cancer, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS, Allergies, Anxiety and coronary diseases, lung disorders and much more. Many individuals all over the world have benefit a lot from it.

Benefits of ganoderma:

  1. Ganoderma extract can be considered vital for protecting against cardiovascular related problems and other coronary sickness.
  2. It also provides strength to the defense mechanisms of the human body. And everyone knows when our immune system is strong we will not be at risk of viruses and other infections.
  3. In addition, it can be used on patients undergoing cancer therapy. Cancer is treated through radiation treatment, and yes it has some unwanted effects like hair fall, exhaustion and appetite loss. Using Ganoderma extracts during cancer treatment process can thus avoid this kind of side effects.
  4. For all those individuals having issue about ageing, ganoderma extract may be the perfect solution. This wonder healer treats fine lines, pimples and dark spots etc by bestowing nutrition supposed to restore younger skin.
  5. Regular usage of ganoderma extract will also improve a person’s mental health. If you want to prevent any future health problems, regular intake of Ganoderma extracts is highly recommended by health experts globally.

Ganoderma extracts are now being produced extensively as demand for it grew manifold. Nowadays, we are able to find ganoderma extracts included in almost every health supplement product. It really works effectively within several days after starting consumtion of the ganoderma and the result is great.

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Posted on: October 12, 2010

My own testimonial is that I have acid reflux for many years. One day I must of ate something I was not suppose too and it triggered my acid reflux. I heard on a coffee break call one day about a man’s mother drank the coffee and it took away her acid reflux. Well of course I tried the black coffee and after a few sips I can feel it clearing up.
I have low Iron but when I drink the coffee it boost me up. I am so energized Iron pills don’t even do that for me.
I also, had this leg pain in my thigh when I try to sleep but since I have been drinking the Ganoderma it has went away.

My Brother’s Testimonial
Gave him some coffee to try because he has bad allergies and need breathing treatments at times. He has been drinking the coffee for two weeks. My brother said and I quote that he has not had a headache or been bothered with sinuses at all since drinking the coffee. He also been working a lot of overtime at work and he is not tired. He drinks a cup in the morning and the first thing he wants is his cup of coffee and if he forgets he has to go back and get a pack. His roomate also suffered from headaches and has been drinking the coffee and she said it helped her alot. No medical claims but it is a miracle in a cup.

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