Organic Coffee News


Posted on: October 12, 2010

My own testimonial is that I have acid reflux for many years. One day I must of ate something I was not suppose too and it triggered my acid reflux. I heard on a coffee break call one day about a man’s mother drank the coffee and it took away her acid reflux. Well of course I tried the black coffee and after a few sips I can feel it clearing up.
I have low Iron but when I drink the coffee it boost me up. I am so energized Iron pills don’t even do that for me.
I also, had this leg pain in my thigh when I try to sleep but since I have been drinking the Ganoderma it has went away.

My Brother’s Testimonial
Gave him some coffee to try because he has bad allergies and need breathing treatments at times. He has been drinking the coffee for two weeks. My brother said and I quote that he has not had a headache or been bothered with sinuses at all since drinking the coffee. He also been working a lot of overtime at work and he is not tired. He drinks a cup in the morning and the first thing he wants is his cup of coffee and if he forgets he has to go back and get a pack. His roomate also suffered from headaches and has been drinking the coffee and she said it helped her alot. No medical claims but it is a miracle in a cup.


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